Denver’s Green Roof Initiative requires new buildings over 25,000 sq. ft to have sustainable features (green roofs, solar panels, cool roofs, energy upgrades, etc.). This adds another level of complexity for commercial real estate developers. If you work with Sow Green, the process will be effortless.

With your site plans in mind, we can provide a report of the best options based on your goals, budget, and needs. Once you've chosen the option that works best for you, we get to work. Our services include permitting, design, installation, and maintenance of your green design. We can even find alternative financing options for you. With Sow Green, you are guaranteed a completed project on time and done right.

You will be working with local experts who understand the Denver Green Roof Initiative. Your questions and concerns will always be addressed, so you won't have to worry about being compliant.

Are you working on a building outside of Denver or that doesn’t need to follow local ordinances? We can still help to make your building more energy efficient, lower your electricity bills, and create an extra amenity space for your tenants.



✅ Audit new construction or retrofit, provide ROI, payback, costs and timeline

✅ Provide alternative, cost effective financing option

✅ Complete permits

✅ Coordinate pre-construction training


Bronze plus:

✅ Establish quality assurance

✅ Create Critical Path from pre-design to completion

✅ Create and ensure safety plan

✅ Project management to ensure completion within your deadlines and budget


Bronze and Silver plus:

✅ Design and analyze the bidding process

✅ Provide three subcontractor referrals

✅ Market your project on our social media channels and media outlets

✅ Ensure valid warranties

✅ Conduct and establish post occupancy evaluation