Denver’s Green Roof Initiative is another added complexity for commercial real estate. If you work with Sow Green, the process will be effortless. You can count on 10 years of superior customer service and results in real estate, environment and consulting.



✅ Audit new construction or retrofit, provide ROI, payback, costs and timeline

✅ Provide alternative, cost effective financing option

✅ Complete permits

✅ Coordinate pre-construction training


Bronze plus:

✅ Establish quality assurance

✅ Create Critical Path from pre-design to completion

✅ Create and ensure safety plan

✅ Project management to ensure completion within your deadlines and budget


Bronze and Silver plus:

✅ Design and analyze the bidding process

✅ Provide three subcontractor referrals

✅ Market your project on our social media channels and media outlets

✅ Ensure valid warranties

✅ Conduct and establish post occupancy evaluation