Do you want to lower your energy bills? How about increase the value of your home? Do you care about the environment? Or maybe you simply want a beautiful amenity space? Whatever your goal, we are your green building experts.

If you live in Colorado, enjoy the outdoors, and want a space that reflects your values we can help. We make sure your home can reach its greatest potential with a truly sustainable design. Whether it be green roofs, green walls, solar panels, or energy upgrades you can start living in a home that you are truly proud of. A sustainable home is also a great investment in your future. Sow Green makes it possible, so contact us today for an evaluation and get the green building experts on your side!


Bronze plus:

✅ Determine your green design, goals, budget and timeline

✅ Audit new construction or retrofit plans, provide ROI, payback and costs 

✅ Provide alternative, cost effective financing option

✅ Complete permits

✅ Create Critical Path from pre-design to completion

✅ Create and ensure safety plan


Bronze and Silver plus:

✅ Design and analyze the bidding process

✅ Provide three subcontractor referrals

✅ Project management to ensure completion within your deadlines and budget

✅ Ensure valid warranties

✅ Conduct and establish post occupancy evaluation